mardi 23 août 2016

No, just super.

It's getting to that time of the summer when my annual Jilly Cooper re-read begins.  I'm currently on Rivals (possibly my *actual* favourite, or at least tied with Riders for that honour).

However, it's reading the retro 'name' romances again, when I am (as always) struck by how brilliantly witty they are.  It makes me think I should definitely try to talk more like a Jilly heroine at all times.

'Are you superstitious?' Pendle asks Prudence.

'No,' she replies, 'just super.'

My mission: to work that into a conversation at the soonest possible opportunity.  Seriously.

To my credit, I *did* remark 'now that's what I call hardcore prawn' whilst eating a particularly large crustacean at a barbecue on Sunday.

There is something about late August that always draws me back to the comfort of Jilly.  I guess because it's getting to that time in the summer when, although we all want simply to enjoy the remaining days of sunshine, we can't help thinking that the days will be dark again soon.  That back to school feeling.  A tiny edge of dread, even though I actually like autumn (soup, crumble, reading indoors!).  An ending, hanging around in the air.

In the meantime: Jilly, making the most of summer dresses, swimming in the sea, reading in the garden.

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