vendredi 19 août 2016

I Want It Darker

Leonard Cohen is basically always on my mind (as well as my body, via my Cohen tattoo, of course).  Just safely assume that he's taking up about 4% of my brain at all times (the same bit that other people probably use for parallel parking, or making organised shopping lists).  It's always there, playing The Future on a loop.

At the moment, he's there more than ever (like, maybe up to a good constant 7%).  Like everyone, I cried at the beautiful letter that he wrote recently to the dying Marianne.  I've been reading it again and again.  I hope that I can leave behind similar feelings one day.  Maybe in all those men who I've made laugh and cry and laugh about it all again.

I am also of course delighted at the exciting news that he has a new album coming out.  Pretty good going for an 82-year-old, of course, but mostly I am absolutely in love with its title.

You Want It Darker

Yes, Mr Cohen.  Yes please.  I want it darker.

As such, I have been listening to his darkest works of genius (always, I feel I must point out, with a seam of humour running through them at all times).  Humour, and sex.  Always with the sex.

These lyrics are with me and blowing my mind at the moment.  Perfect.  He himself is the master.

Then I think you're playing far too rough
For a lady who's been to the moon;
I've lain by this window long enough
To get used to an empty room.
And your love is some dust in an old man's cough
Who is tapping his foot to a tune,
And your thighs are a ruin, you want too much,
Let's say you came back some time too soon.

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