vendredi 28 octobre 2016

Something That Needs Nothing

My current mantra is BE SOMETHING THAT NEEDS NOTHING.  It came to me when I was meditating (yes, that's a thing I do at the moment, don't laugh) and I scribbled it down.  I'll admit it wasn't a wholly original thought (I'm not sure I have any).  It came from nowhere, but it immediately occurred to me that there is a Miranda July short story entitled 'Something That Needs Nothing'.  In fact, it's probably my second-favourite of her short stories, after 'I Kiss A Door'.  Anyway, however it came into my head, I want to be something that needs nothing.  I'm working on it.

The old Mystic Jukebox was in full effect this morning.  (Why does 'There Is No If' by The Cure keep coming up, along with near-constant Echo and the Bunnymen?  WHY??!)

This came on and reminded me of my wonderful friend Neil and how much we loved this song when it came out.  So much so that we got my mum to dye our hair jet black over the bathtub, took to wearing red eyeshadow and danced like this to every single song for a good month.  It still sounds so good now.  I don't even care if Madonna and meditation in the same post sounds hokey.

I was in need of musical sustenance this morning - Halloween looked like it had come early, via a sleepless night and a first-thing-in-the-morning train, bypassing coffee and lipstick.  Then I remembered that I just need to get the fuck on with it.  Do what I'm here to do and nothing more.  Drink some coffee and put some fucking lipstick on.  For that, Madonna is always ideal.

Thanks, universe.

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