samedi 29 octobre 2016

Where you lead...

This post feels like a very, very big deal.  It’s about something that I have dedicated pretty much every waking thought to for the last couple of months.  Seven series, 22 episodes each.  It's been intense.

I also don’t want to wade in wrong-footedly – for I have come very late to the Gilmore Girls.  Which, frankly, is batshit insane of me and just WRONG.  For years, my sister and a lot of my friends (especially Ruth and Harriet) have been telling me how much I would love it and how I MUST WATCH IT.  I always meant to, but somehow I never did.  How I rue those days now, which could have been filled with Gilmore Girls instead of literally anything else.

For, dear reader, I am in love.  GGs speaks to me on the deep level that my nearest and dearest knew that it would.  OF COURSE I adore the rapid-fire dialogue and every single cultural reference.  From the beginning – and especially the moment when Rory makes an oblique and very obscure Rosemary’s Baby joke to Dean the first time she lays eyes on him – I was in joyful awe (it wasn’t until later that this was overshadowed with ‘urgh, Dean’).  Obviously, the Grey Gardens episode had me literally weeping with fateful happiness throughout.

Of course, the writing and the characters are perfect (the latter perfectly flawed, of course).  The themes are deep and executed effortlessly – feminism and class and family dynamics all right there wrapped up in a veil of joyful, witty FUN.

I want to move to Stars Hollow.  I want Lane to be my best friend, oh but I also want Paris to be my best friend.  And Sookie.  And Emily – kind of, sometimes.  I want to marry Max Medina, please.  And maybe also Jess.  Although my ultimate relationship goal remains Babette and Mory (let's face it: he is just my type).  Plus: cats.  Although I wouldn’t mind being Miss Patty one day.

I watched the final episodes yesterday and wept copiously and uncontrollably throughout.  Then I watched the new trailer and wept throughout.  There’s been a lot of weeping.  It’s been emotional.

Although I am feeling the void of my hitherto unnecessarily GGs-less life, of course there is a Stars Hollow-worthy silver lining.  I only have to wait a month until the revival (blocked out in my diary, with plans for a veritable EVENT – the details of which I remain unclear on, but will involve a lot of food, definitely Pop Tarts, and possibly a Lorelai-like outfit).  I don’t know how I would have waited 10 years if I’d been watching it in real time.  As it is, I still can’t wait.

(If you would like some proper GGs analysis from a legit expert, rather than my half-baked johnny-come-lately fangirling – you should definitely read THIS by my brilliant friend Harriet.)

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