jeudi 20 octobre 2016

Whiskers on Kittens

If you are free this weekend and so inclined - you can come and see me, at YAShot 2016!

I'm very excited about it.  It's a day-long festival of all things YA, and there are some really brilliant authors involved (and me, ha ha).

I'm going to be appearing on a panel entitled THE SOUND OF MUSIC with some truly awesome and lovely humans - Chris Russell (Songs About a Girl), Marianne Levy (Accidental Superstar) and Sophia Bennett (Love Song).  As you can probably tell from the titles, we have all written books with music involved, so the panel talk is obviously going to be about the two best things in life: books and music.  Expect lurid teenage stories, mega fandom and fantasy festival line-ups.  Hooray!

You could probably make some sort of an 'ECW Books/Music Bingo' game quite easily, to be honest.  Ten points every time I mention: Leonard Cohen, Nirvana, Bowie, Sonic Youth, Glastonbury weddings, Blake Nelson, Emma Forrest, Hole, riot grrl, fanzines, Lester Bangs, Patti Smith, undisclosed secret rockstar boyfriends (ahem), Holden Caulfield, the Chelsea Hotel...

So, as such, here is one of my very favourite book-inspired songs...  Prize for anyone who turns up at YAShot and knows the connection.  Also, please do let me know if you think of any other great literature/music crossovers/inspirations...

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