lundi 31 octobre 2016

Towering Giants

I'm very into this new moon thing at the moment.  Anything that makes one take stock appeals to me.  Apparently yesterday the new moon in Scorpio hit.  This Scorpio new moon is all about opening up to new relationships, and setting intentions for what you want those to be.  It's a sexy, romantic new moon, basically.

During a wonderful weekend of long walks by the sea, coffee, pizza, Stevie Nicks, French films and more pizza - this led to a long Saturday night conversation with my best friend, while both of us were falling asleep in my bed with her two dogs.

I fell asleep saying that I wouldn't bother again unless it's for something truly extraordinary.  There are books to be written and to be read, places to go, friends to cherish - so much to do and never enough time.  Extraordinary is the only possible way now.

And then I had a vivid dream from which I never wanted to wake.  In it, I was kissing two of the most extraordinary ones I can possibly think of: Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.  A young Dylan and a very old Cohen.  I was to choose between them; I couldn't, of course.  But what a lovely, impossible situation to dream of.

I think it's safe to say the bar is now pretty high.

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On the other hand, this song is still jammed in my head this morning and refuses to go away.

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