dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Chocolate Guinness

I am a huge fan of cake making.  Mostly because I find that (usually, unless you're making something super-fancy that would be totally beyond me) the effect totally outweighs the effort.  If you make a cake for someone, whether for their birthday or because they're coming to visit or just because, they are always delighted; especially lovely since all it really requires is mixing a few things in  bowl and then whacking it in the oven.

As you may know, I am also a huge fan of The Sainted Nigella.  I love her and her finger-licking, innuendo-spouting ways, but mostly I love her because her recipes are always amazing and they always really work.  I am yet to make one that hasn't been even better than expected; she never lets me down.

The recipe of hers that I have made the most times by far, is her Chocolate Guinness Cake and it's an absolute crowd-pleaser of a marvel.  I recently made this for a family birthday, and then took the remains to work the next day, and it went down a storm so I wanted to share.

Photo from Saint Nigella; but mine did look nearly this good!

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