mercredi 27 juillet 2011

Magic’s in the make-up.

‘Cherries In The Snow’ by Emma Forrest is a newly beloved book of mine.  It’s not a spoiler if I tell you that its heroine, Sadie, is a wannabe writer whose day job is to make up the names for make-up.  How awesome is that?  She also falls in love with a graffiti artist called Marley, in a very sweet and funny and touching story.

But back to the ‘naming make up’ bit.  Like, how your favourite lipstick is called ‘Black Death’ or that cool nail varnish is called ‘Shimmering Petrol On Hot Tarmac’ or whatever – it’s delicious.

Um, so after that tenuous introduction, here are the products I’m currently, and some long-termedly, obsessed with.  Whatever their names.

Chanel Coco Rouge lipstick in Egerie – even though you don’t even look particularly as though you’re wearing any lipstick, it makes your face look better.  It makes me feel like La Paradis, if not look exactly like her.  Obviously I hesitate to say “I can’t live without it”.  But that doesn’t mean I want to (live without it).

Other than this one, if you are going to wear any lipstick, it needs to be any sort of kick-arse red whatsoever, of any kind.

Rimmel black kohl pencil.  Because it’s great when the cheap one is also the best one.

Batiste dry shampoo.  I’m basically glued together with this stuff and neurosis.  The brown one has changed my life.

MAC Strobe cream and Clinique Total Turnaround – on their own, each is great; combined, it’s the hangover mask from heaven.

American Apparel nail varnishes.  Any colour at all, but my current favourites are grey, yellow and turquoise.  They are all matte and lovely and MAKE YOUR NAILS LIKE A T-SHIRT.  Always red, for the toes, though.

Disclaimer – I’m not saying that any of these make me look especially awesome-o.  They just make my life nicer, and I like talking about them.

What are yours?  Please tell me.

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