jeudi 14 juillet 2011

Hey, Glasses Girl!

I did not need glasses until the age of 28.  Now I need them, only for driving and cinema really, but I wear them way more than I should.

Until that heady Spec Savers day came, you see, I always wanted to wear glasses.  As pretty much the only non-glasses wearer in my entire extended family (which is vast), I longed for spectacles.

I like to think they make me look more like Tina Fey.  I also like to think that they make me approximately 9% cleverer.  As The Divine Ms Fey herself said: “Put glasses on Woody Harrelson and he’s an architect!  Put glasses on Denise Richards and she’s a palaeontologist!”.  It’s funny because it’s true, nerds!

My favourite times for glasses-wearing generally involve a ponytail and a Breton stripe, an occasional red lip, or alternatively bare feet and pyjamas, in an oh-so intellectual approximation of a Calvin Klein advert from the mid-1990s.

I would avoid them whilst wearing large earrings (Tootsie) or anything at all hippie-ish (less flower child and more Mad Art Teacher).  But generally that means I avoid earrings and billows, most of the time, rather than my glasses.

I really did go to Spec Savers.  Mine are called Granville (from the men’s range as I have quite a large head and enjoy the Woody Allen look).  My old ones were called Henry and I loved them but lost them; although now I think I like Granville better.  I love my glasses.

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